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Upon the request of many uses, we've recently released a new feature which now makes it possible for both admins and fundraisers who create teams to set and edit team goals.

Previously, our site totaled the fundraising goals of team members to create the team goal automatically. We've discontinued that model to allow our users to have more control over the team goal. 

By setting your own team goal, you're empowered to set the goal you desire so that you and your other team members can work towards that goal together, regardless of personal fundraising goals.

With this update to functionality, existing team goals will no longer update to the sum of the fundraiser's goals. Instead, goals have been set at their current goal standing, and you can update it to reflect the goal you wish at anytime.

Here's how admins can update the goal for teams.

Here's how personal fundraisers can update the goal for teams.

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