Donation tiers are different levels of giving that your donors can choose from. Most of the time, it is presented as a list of donation amounts with corresponding descriptions for each amount.

There are two methods you can use to create donation tiers for your campaign -- the Impact Units and the Reward Method. To set up donation tiers, follow the steps below:

Step 1 : In your Site Settings, click on “Donation Form” along the left hand menu bar.

Step 2: Input an amount and description next to each tier. * You can add more tiers, if needed

Step 3: Click on Save on the upper right corner. Your donation tiers will now show up on the donation form after a donor clicks on your donate button.

Donors can select from your donation tiers to donate, or they can input any amount that they would like in the donation amount box.

*Note: The average donation on CauseVox is $78, so you should have at least one tier that is over $150.

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