Custom domains allow you to mask the URL of your CauseVox campaign site with your own vanity URL.

For example, if your CauseVox campaign site is “” and your corporate website is “”, you can use the custom domain feature so that people can see your campaign site at “”. Here’s how you set it up.

Step 1: In your Settings, click on the General Settings tab

Step 2: Find the section titled “Campaign Site URL" and click on the 'Use a Custom Domain' button.

Step 3: Enter in a custom domain name and click “Save” In your domain registrar, create an A-record that points the custom domain to:

Wait 24 - 72 hours for your registrar to complete the settings. If it has been successfully set, then you can access your campaign site by visiting your custom domain after this waiting period.

For additional details on setting up a custom domain, visit our support article on custom domains.

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