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Setting Up Donation Forms (Legacy)

Guide on creating a donation form or donation page.

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What is a Donation Form?

Donation forms allow your donors to easily give to your organization on any device.

You can use CauseVox donation forms a few ways:

  • Directly connected to your CauseVox Fundraising Website (via a crowdfunding campaign, virtual event, or peer to peer fundraising campaign).

  • Hosted as a free-standing donation page through CauseVox, without a Fundraising Website.

  • Embedded on your own organization's website.

Example donation form flow:

Donation Form Features

Functionality on donations forms include: 

  • One-time donations

  • Monthly recurring donations

  • Monthly and annual pledges (donation installments)

  • Automated email donation receipts

  • Donation tiers (suggested levels of giving), with or without descriptions

  • Donation tipping (which allows your donor to cover your transaction fees)

  • Embed options to pop up your donation page on your website

  • Hosted donation forms on CauseVox

  • Apple Pay + Google Pay options

  • Customizable to brand (logo and colors)

  • Email subscription capture

  • Postal address capture

  • Email notifications

  • Custom questions

  • Customizable post donation text and redirect URL

  • Post-donation social sharing

  • Currency options (USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, EUR, etc)

Donation Form Fees

Donation Form fees vary based on the type of fundraising you are doing. See Pricing for more info.

You can have a 0% CauseVox platform fee with the Tip CauseVox option.

Stripe and PayPal processing fees still apply. For nonprofits in the US, this rate should be 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction.

Donation Form vs Donation Page

Your donation form includes a simple free-standing page that the form is embedded on. This is also sometimes referred to as a "hosted donation page". You can link to this donation page to direct people to make donations.

You can update those page settings under Fundraising Website, which include:

  • Link - This is the URL of your donation page that you can link or share.

  • Contact Information - Your contact information will be displayed in the footer of this donation page.

How to Set Up a Donation Form

Step 2: Under Campaigns >> Create A Campaign

Step 3: Name your donation form and select Donation Page. Select Create Campaign.

Step 4: Enter into the guided setup process by clicking on View Guide. This guide will walk you through the steps to complete your donation form.

Step 5: Enable Donation Form to take donations, Enable Fundraising Website to put your hosted donation page online.

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