Our online fundraising platform currently offers two kinds of fundraising templates: Donation Pages and Campaign Sites

Here's a quick look at Donation Pages and Campaign Sites, so you can decide how you can use both to maximize your donations.

Donation Pages

Donation Pages are a streamlined, customizable, mobile friendly page that allow your donors to easily give to your organization on any device. They are generally embedded on your website and used as your donation form.

Donation pages are easy for you to design according to your brand and include: 

  • Customized donation tiers (suggested levels of giving)
  • Recurring donation capabilities
  • Donation tipping (which allows your donor to cover your transaction fees)
  • Easy-to-download donation data
  • Donation processing with Stripe or PayPal
  • Easy embed options to pop up your donation page on your website
  • Apple + Google Pay options to streamline mobile giving
  • + more

Donation pages are best used to take donations everyday by linking them to your website or directly into your email communications to donors.

You can raise more with less effort using CauseVox Donation pages, raising 2x more compared to a generic PayPal button.

Donation pages are included free with any plan, and have a low 2% CauseVox transaction fee on any of our paid plans.

Donation Pages on the Basic plan have a 0% CauseVox transaction fee.

Find out more about donation pages here.

Ready to get started with a campaign? Learn how to create your donation page here.

Campaign Sites

Campaign Sites are customizable fundraising sites that you can create to help you raise more funds online through crowdfunding, capital campaigns, peer-to-peer fundraising, runs, walks, and races, and more. 

Our campaign sites are easy for you to design according to your brand and include:

Campaign sites are best if you'd like to fundraise for a particular project, develop an online fundraising community, tell your story, and communicate progress to your community.

Campaign sites are available on any plan, and pricing varies depending upon the plan. Take a look at our pricing page to see the CauseVox transaction fee for your campaign site on your plan.

Find out more about using campaign sites for:

Ready to get started with a campaign? Learn how you can set up a campaign here.

Both donation pages and campaign sites are easy to set up, customize to your brand, and tailor to your needs without needing a tech guy! You can take donations everyday and run all your online fundraising campaigns on CauseVox.

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