You’re able to customize the look and feel of the emails that are sent out to your donors and fundraisers so they match your branding.

This includes the ability to add your nonprofit’s logo and colors to the email template for every communication that’s sent out to your audience. With your branding on every email your community receives, you’re able to provide a customized experience and build trust with every email that’s sent.

These email communications include:

  • Donation receipts

  • Recurring donation receipts

  • Recurring donation failure notifications

  • Fundraiser welcome email

Here’s an example of a branded email:

Here’s how you can set up your branded email template in CauseVox:

Note: Custom email branding will only appear for users on our Plus plan and above.

Step 1: Navigate to your Settings, and select Design & Branding.

Step 2: Turn on Enable Branding, and select or input your hex color codes. These will change the accent color around the body of your email.

Step 3: Upload your logo.

Step 4: Save your logo and colors. Now, all emails sent out from CauseVox will match your organization’s branding.

If you have any questions about creating your branded email template, reach out to us at [email protected]

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