How To View Or Update Your Contacts (Legacy)
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With the Fundraising CRM, you’re able to easily access your  contacts, including donors, recurring donors, and fundraisers to help you easily manage your community.

When you access a contact record, you can see data including:

  • Contact name

  • Contact name

  • Contact email

  • Contact phone number

  • Contact address

  • Donations made

  • Donations received

  • Recurring profiles

  • Installment payments made

  • Installment payments received

  • Total pledges

  • Number of personal fundraising pages

  • Number of teams joined

  • Number of tickets

  • Number of ticket orders

  • Number of updates (posts)

  • Recurring donation amount

  • +more

Here’s how you can view a contact’s profile:

Step 2: Navigate to Contacts.

Step 3: Key word search via name or email to select the contact.

Step 4: View contact data. If you’d like to edit the contact data, you can scroll down past Recent Activity to the Edit Contact section.

Step 5: Edit contact data, including photo, first and last name, phone, email address, and postal address, and Save in the lower right corner.

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