When you first select Create New to begin building out a new fundraising initiative, you're presented with the option to select a Fundraising Type to get setup with a template specifically built to meet your fundraising needs.

With each type, we preset settings for you to make it as easy as possible for your to get setup.

Not sure which type to choose? Here's more information:

The first decision you want to make is whether you're doing a campaign or a donation page.


Campaign Sites are customizable fundraising sites that you can create to help you raise more funds online through crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising, peer-to-peer registration, and DIY fundraising.

Our campaign sites are easy for you to design according to your brand and include:

  • A media section

  • Fundraising metrics

  • Sections for written text (for your fundraising appeal)

  • Peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities

  • Blog 

  • Donor listing

  • A customized donation page 

  • Easily downloadable donation and fundraiser data

  • + more

Campaign sites are best if you'd like to fundraise for a particular project, develop an online fundraising community, tell your story, and communicate progress to your community.

Now, if you're looking to run a campaign, select which type works best for you:

Crowdfunding Sites are one-page campaign built to drive donations. This includes a fundraising goal, progress bar, and end date. 

This may be best used for things like:

  • Short term campaigns (ie. giving day, awareness, project)

  • Annual fundraising

  • Capital campaigns

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising *Recommended* is ideal if you'd like members of your community to fundraise on your behalf. With peer-to-peer enabled, your community can easily sign-up for their own personal fundraising pages. 

We see that campaigns that use peer-to-peer tend to raise 2x as much as those that don't, and really help you extend the reach of your campaign.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising is likely a good fit for any of your fundraising campaigns, including enhancing short term campaigns, annual fundraising, events, capital campaigns, and more.

Peer-to-Peer Registration is perfect if you're looking to charge a fee for participating in a fundraising event or challenge.

This enables your supporters to easily pay their registration fee and create their fundraising page all in one go, minimizing confusion and helping you seamlessly run your event. 

This is perfect for:

  • Walks and Races

  • Competitions (ie. board game competition, trivia night, dragonboat races, etc.)

  • Challenges (ie: climbs, no-shave challenges, create your own personal challenge, etc)

  • Individual participation events (ie. mission trips, sleepout for homelessness awareness, meal skipping for hunger, etc)

  • +more!

DIY Fundraising is perfect for long-term, peer-to-peer fundraising, which doesn't include an end date but rather offers your fundraisers the ability to raise funds on a rolling basis. 

This is great for:

  • Birthday campaigns

  • Create your own challenge campaigns

  • +more!

Donation Pages

Donation Pages are streamlined, customizable, mobile-friendly pages that allow your donors to easily give to your organization on any device.

Donation pages are easy for you to design according to your brand and include: 

Donation pages are best used to take donations everyday by linking them to your website or directly into your email communications to donors.

Website Donations are processed through our general donation page template (shown above), which is easy for your to embed right on your website. This is also great for:

  • Segmenting donations by project or chapter on your website

  • Directly linked to email appeals

  • One time donations with recurring optional

Monthly Giving is the same template as website donations, but recurring giving is defaulted with the option to make a one-time donation. This is best used to help you drive up the amount of recurring donations you receive.

Donation pages are included free with any plan, and have a low 2% CauseVox platform fee on any of our paid plans.

Learn how to get 0% CauseVox platform fee for campaign and donation pages on all plans.

There are no platform fees for campaigns or donation pages on the Basic plan. It is completely free!

Find out more about donation pages here.

Both donation pages and campaign sites are easy to set up, customize to your brand, and tailor to your needs without needing a tech guy! You can take donations everyday and run all your online fundraising campaigns on CauseVox.

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