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The Basic Plan (Legacy)

What you get on the Basic plan

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On the Basic plan, you get everything you need to get started fundraising online for free

You can collect unlimited donations on the Basic plan, allowing you to raise unlimited funds for free!


The Basic Plan has no CauseVox fees whatsoever to help you get your fundraising up and running. No monthly fees and a 0% CauseVox platform fee help you raise funds on a limited budget.

PayPal or Stripe processing fees  (2.2% +$0.30 per donation for nonprofits approved by Stripe) still apply.

Optional Tip Feature

Donors are given the option to "Tip CauseVox" while making their donation.

Donors can choose to give nothing to CauseVox, as it's not required.

Core Features

You're able to create unlimited campaigns and donation pages on the Basic Plan. 

You receive access to:


We want to provide a resource to help you digitally fundraise in this time of extreme need.

This means you can raise unlimited funds for free on our digital fundraising platform.


You'll have access to your Insights Dashboard and you'll be able to view your donation data in your campaign or donation page, or in your Community.

Exporting donation data isn't available on the Basic plan, but is available on the Lite plan and above.

Adding offline donations (cash or checks to reflect towards the campaign total) and full admin editing access (primarily for managing fundraisers) is available on the Lite plan and above.


On the Basic Plan, you have access to our support articles, in-app, and email support at [email protected].

Advanced Features

Event Ticketing, Advanced Customization (custom domain, custom fields, etc), Data and Analytics Tracking (ie. Google Analytics) and Integrations (with Zapier) are available on the Standard Plan and above.

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