Your customized Donation Page on CauseVox can easily be embedded right on your website built on Wordpress, making giving through your donation page seamless. 

Here's how an embeddable donation page pop up looks on a website:

With the embeddable page, donating will be easier than ever, keeping donors right on your website.

Our popup donation page is customizable, mobile-friendly, and secure, offering your donors a delightful online giving experience.

Here's a few ways the embeddable donation page can be used at your organization:

  1. You can easily replace the link to your donate button to #donate to pop up your donation page.
  2. You can link to #donate on any text, images, or buttons on any page on your site, so that the donation page will pop up when clicked.  
  3. You can bring your donors directly to your donation page from any email appeals, social media posts, and more. All you need to do is add #donate onto your site URL and link it in the email or post. Ex:

Here's how you can embed your donation page on your Wordpress site:

Step 1: Navigate to the "Embed Codes" tab in your Donation Page Settings.

Step 2: Select copy to clipboard and paste it onto your website right before the closing </head> tag.

Or, if you're not the best person to embed the code on your website, you can select "Email Code" to send to your website administrator.

Step 3: Login to your Wordpress and navigate to Plugins.

Step 4: Search for Simple CSS and HTML and download plugin.

Step 5: In the plugin, navigate to the HTML section and paste in your embed code from CauseVox. Select "Update" to install.

Step 6: Once it's installed, you can use link #donate anywhere on your website. Once the link to #donate is clicked, the donation page will popup. 

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