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How Team Admins Can Export Team Member And Donation Data (Legacy)
How Team Admins Can Export Team Member And Donation Data (Legacy)

How to export team member's and donor's emails in a CSV File

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As a team admin for your team fundraising page, you're able to download data (via CSV) related to your team fundraising page.

Team Fundraising Page Member Data

Team member data includes:

  • Team member first and last name

  • Team member email address

  • Team member page stub (URL)

  • Team member total raised

  • Team member fundraising goal

  • Team member page creation date

Team Fundraising Page Donation Data

As a team admin, you will be able to see data related to donations that occur on your team fundraising page as well as a member's donor data as well.

Donation data related to team fundraising pages includes:

  • Donation amount

  • Donor first and last name

  • Donor email address

  • Assigned personal or team page member

  • Assigned personal or team page stub (URL)

  • Donation date

  • Donation custom fields

Exporting Data

Step 1: Login to your personal fundraising page using the Login link in the upper right corner of the campaign fundraising website.

Step 2: Navigate to your Team.

Step 3: Select Team Settings.

Step 4: Select the type of data you'd like to export: Team Members or Donations.

This data is downloaded into a CSV file, which you can open in Excel or Google Sheets. If you have any trouble, here's an article on how to open CSV files.

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