CauseVox Messaging (Legacy)

You can send emails to donors and fundraisers right from within CauseVox with Messaging.

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In order for you to successfully raise funds online, you need an easy way to nurture and convert your audience to become donors.

We’re excited to launch the private beta of our messaging functionality on CauseVox to streamline that.

In this beta, messaging allows you to send individual email messages to any of your contacts on CauseVox, directly from within CauseVox. For example:

  • You can send a personal thank you message to a donor that just made a donation without having to open up your email program.

  • You can ask a peer-to-peer fundraiser if they need help setting up their personal page when browsing their contact profile.

  • You can update team fundraising leaders on campaign updates so they can rally their team.

Here's a look at how Messaging works:

Now, you can send communications to donors and fundraisers without eve leaving the CauseVox Admin interface. Best yet, we also keep track of your messages so you can see your nurturing efforts in one place.

During private beta, this feature is available for all paid (Lite and above) plans. There is no additional fee for this feature during the private beta.

To get access to messaging, email us at [email protected] and we’ll unlock this feature for free.

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