Intro to Personal & Team Fundraising Pages

Personal fundraising pages are personalized pages that an individual can create under your CauseVox fundraising site to help you raise funds. They then share their fundraising page with their friends and family to get donations for your project or organization.

Here is an example of a personal fundraising page:

Here is an example of a team fundraising page:

For live examples, please browse our featured campaigns at

Personal and team fundraising pages are a part of peer-to-peer fundraising. It is a method of fundraising that leverages your supporters to fundraise on your behalf.

Benefits of Personal & Team Fundraising Pages

There are three main benefits in using personal and team fundraising pages:

  1. It helps you get more donations -- especially from new donors that haven’t heard about you before.
  2. It helps you reach more people. Your supporter’s personal fundraising page gets hundreds of hits from their friends and family.
  3. It helps your supporters get involved. Instead of just attending an event or volunteering, this is another tangible way for your supporters to make a difference.

For social good projects and nonprofits, this is a must-have part to any type of online fundraising. You’ll be missing out on donations if you don’t leverage it.

Functionality in Personal & Team Fundraising Pages

On their personal fundraising page account, your supporters can...

  • Upload a profile photo (CauseVox admins can specify a default photo)
  • Write a fundraising appeal (CauseVox admins can specify a default appeal)
  • Set a fundraising goal (CauseVox admins can recommend a goal)
  • Share their page via social media or email
  • Write blog posts
  • Manage donations
  • Take donations

On their team fundraising page account, your supporters can...

  • Edit team information (CauseVox admin and team admin only)
  • Join or create a team
  • Enter a team fundraising goal
  • View donations
  • Take donations

Using Personal & Team Fundraising on CauseVox

CauseVox lets you easily use the power of personal fundraising pages with every fundraising site you have. We make it super easy for you to set up and super easy for your supporters to raise funds.

Here is our product info on personal and team fundraising.

Give it a spin on CauseVox and enable it on your fundraising site today.

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