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Managing Your Personal Fundraising Page Account (Legacy)
Managing Your Personal Fundraising Page Account (Legacy)

How to edit your personal fundraising page, create teams, create blog posts, and more.

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You can manage your Personal Fundraising Page by logging into your Personal Fundraising Page Account.

You can log into your Personal Fundraising Page Account in the following steps:

Step 1: Go into your campaign’s main CauseVox site.
Step 2: Click on the Login button on the top right hand side
Step 3: Sign in with your credentials. You will then be directed to your Personal Fundraising Page Account.

The features you can access from your Personal Fundraising Page Account include:

The Dashboard

The Dashboard allows you to see your fundraising page status and information such as:

  • Page link

  • Funds raised

  • Fundraising goal

  • Percent of goal reached

  • Any teams you've joined

The Dashboard also allows you to easily do a number of things related on your page: 

  • Create a blog post

  • Share page

  • View donations to your page

  • View your blog posts

  • Edit your page display, URL, appeal, and social sharing image and description

  • Edit your account name, email address, password, and profile photo

Edit Page

To edit your fundraising page Display Name, Fundraising Goal, Activity Goal, Page URL, Social Sharing Image, or Page Appeal, select Edit Page. 

You can edit your fundraising page's display name, end date, fundraising goal, activity goal, page URL, select "Page Details."

Use this section to edit and update info associated with:

  • The Page URL: This is the link to your Personal Fundraising Page. We advise our users to keep it short so that it is easy to remember.

  • Fundraising Goal Amount: You can specify your donation target here, i.e the amount you intend to raise for your campaign.

  • Activity Metric Goal: (if applicable): You can specify your activity goal here and update your progress.

Social Sharing

To edit your social sharing image, title, and description, select "Share Details." 

Once on the page, select "Manual" to upload an image, title, and description that you'd like to be seen when your page is shared on social media.

Fundraising Appeal

You can edit your fundraising appeal by clicking on "Page Appeal" from the Edit Page menu.

The Fundraising Appeal usually comes pre-populated with the default appeal found in your campaign’s main site. Feel free to edit this section and compose your own personalized appeal. You can refer to this post for more information on how to write an effective fundraising appeal.


Teams are pages that fundraisers can join to fundraise as a group. In your teams tab, you'll see a list of any teams you've joined.

You can even create your own Team by clicking on the "New Team" button in the bottom section of your fundraising page and entering in the Team info, or simply join a team by searching for one and selecting "Join". 

You can only create or join one team. If you create a team, if you are the sole member of the team and leave it, the team page will be deleted.


On the Donations page, you'll see a list of the donations made through your personal fundraising page. You can export this list of donor names, emails, and amounts.

Blog Posts

Enrich your Personal Fundraising Page with blog posts! You can use the Blog Editor to compose your own blogs. You can also share your blogs via social media networks, email and a variety of other services.

Creating A Blog Post

You can create a blog post in the following steps:

 Step 1: Log into your Personal Fundraising Account Page
​ Step 2: Click on 'New Update' from the menu on My Dashboard
​ Step 3: You will then be directed to the Blog Editor.

Modifying Blog Posts

If you choose to edit or delete any published blogs, you can do so in the following steps:

 Step 1: Log into your Personal Fundraising Account Page
​ Step 2: Click on "View Updates" from the Dashboard
​ Step 3: Select 'Published' 

 Step 4: Click on the blog post you want to edit

Step 5: To delete, click on the ‘Details’ button on the Blog editor page

Sharing Blog Posts

You can even edit the blog post sharing image and description. To do so:

 Step 1: Log into your Personal Fundraising Admin Page
​ Step 2: Click on "View Updates" from the Dashboard
​ Step 3: Select 'Published'
​ Step 4: Select the Edit Icon

Step 5: You will be able to select the Manual tab to upload your image and share description.


To share your page, click on the Share button from your Dashboard menu.

Step 3: Select your preferred social media platform to share your page on.

Step 4: After you have added your message, post or send it.

If you encounter any issues with Facebook sharing, you can fix it by following the steps in this support article: How To Solve Potential Facebook Errors

Edit Your Account

If you need to edit your page, email address, or profile photo, or your notifications, you can edit these under "My Account."

Select "Profile" to edit your name or change your profile picture.
Select "Additional Information" to edit your answers to any custom fields the campaign admin has requested.
Select "Notifications" to adjust which notifications you receive to your email address.
Select "Change E-mail" to change the email you use to login to your account.
Select "Change Password" to change the password on your account.

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