CauseVox pricing can be found on our pricing page as well as the FAQ on that page.

Generally, there are two sets of fees to use CauseVox:

  • Monthly Fee - The monthly fee is only charged after your 14 day free trial comes to an end. It is charged on a month-by-month basis until you cancel. The monthly fee is not applicable for our Basic Plan or our Annual Plans.

  • CauseVox Platform Fee - This is a percentage fee charged on any online donation collected via the CauseVox platform. Offline donations are never charged a fee. This is active at all times and varies based on which CauseVox plan you are on (find this on your Billing page).

These fees are charged in this format:

  • If you are on the Lite, Standard, or Plus Plan, monthly fees are billed to the credit card on file in your CauseVox account. If you are on our Basic Plan, there is no monthly fee and therefore no monthly fee billing.

  • CauseVox Platform Fees are taken out on our behalf by PayPal or Stripe when a donation occurs. This is done automatically so you do not need to worry about invoicing or billing for these fees.

Similar to other fundraising platforms, there is one fee that you pay for processing online donations:

  • Credit Card Processor Fee - This is the fee levied by PayPal or Stripe and is active every time your campaign receives an online donation, regardless of which CauseVox plan that you are on. For more information on this, please visit our donation processing section or PayPal or Stripe.

Considering the premium plan or an annual plan option? Learn more here.

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