You may have noticed that the admin interface on CauseVox has gotten a facelift. We've updated the look and feel of the platform to be more intuitive for admin and fundraisers to use, and have added features that can help power your fundraising.

Here's what you need to know about what's new on the platform:

New Campaign Setup Wizard

It's now easier than ever to set up a CauseVox campaign! Our new wizard guides you through the setup steps to creating a new site with ease. Now, you can be sure your site is set up and ready to go by completing all the steps in the wizard, and can always make edits and improvements later! For a closer look at the setup steps, view our article: Quick Start: How To Set Up A CauseVox Campaign

The Activity Feed

We've launched the new activity feed, which shows admins for a campaign recent activity, like donations, new fundraisers, new teams and new blogs posted by fundraisers. By keeping up with all the activity happening on your campaign in real time, you can get a better sense of the community you have established.

Refreshed Site Editor

The benefits of the new Site Editor include:

  • Faster loading: no long wait while you open the editor to make important updates.
  • Desktop, tablet, and mobile preview: see what your campaign looks like on various devices to help you make edits to your site design.
  • New background options: Your header image will appear in the background without stretching, for the best look. You can now position the header to just the spot you want it, too, so you have more control over what it looks like.
  • Auto-save: Never loose your work! With autosave, your changes will be saved to your site as you update it.

New Content Editor

No more textbox popup! You can make edits to text right on the page, so you can better visualize how text will appear on your live site.

You'll have more control over text size and positioning, a video embed option, the chance to undo or redo typing, and more HTML control over the section. Additionally, it's now even easier to upload photos and edit their size and position (yes- you can even wrap text!).

With our new content editor, it's now the easiest it's ever been to make your text, videos, and photos appear just the way you want. Here's more info on the new Content Editor.

New Easy-to-Use Settings Layout

In our updates Settings menu, you can easily navigate to the info you need to update. You'll find all the same features under neatly organized tabs.

The General tab includes:

  • Campaign title
  • Campaign Site URL
  • Custom Domain (optional)
  • Time zone
  • Contact email
  • Contact address
  • Notification options

The Display Options tab includes:

  • Funding goal
  • End date
  • Impact Metic
  • Social Sharing

The Donation Form tab includes:

  • Payment processor setup
  • Recurring donations
  • Donation Tipping
  • Donation Receipt

The Peer to Peer Fundraising tab includes:

  • Enabling and disabling peer to peer
  • Default fundraiser photo
  • Fundraiser End Date
  • Default fundraiser goal
  • Invite code setup
  • Default Fundraiser Appeal
  • Enabling and disabling team pages
  • Default Team Appeal
  • Fundraiser Welcome Email

The Custom Fields tab includes:

  • Fundraiser Custom Fields
  • Donation Custom Fields

New Fundraiser Interface

Our new refreshed fundraiser interface makes it easy for fundraisers to navigate, make updates, and see what other fundraisers are doing.

With a new fundraiser activity feed, blog posts reach your community of fundraisers when they post a blog. The activity feed also shows donations to their page as they come in, so they stay up to date with their donors.

Fundraisers now have more control over their social sharing, as they can easily share right from their feed and can specify what title and description they want to appear on Facebook when they share it.

Fundraisers also benefit from the new Content Editor as well, making it easy to write and style the text and images in the post. They can even set a social sharing image for that particular post!

For more information, view our article Managing Your Personal Fundraising Page Account.

The Starter Plan Promo Has Ended For New Campaigns

We've had a good run for our Starter Plan promo. With so many great new updates to functionality and their benefits, the Starter Plan promotional 2.5% rate has come to an end for all new campaigns that are set up going forward, and the standard Starter 5% transaction fee will be in effect. For existing campaigns on our Starter Plan, your transaction fee rate won't be effected.

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