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Setting Up Rewards For Your Campaign Site
Setting Up Rewards For Your Campaign Site
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The CauseVox platform provides flexibility for many different types of campaigns. While the donation tiers can certainly be used to quantify the impact of donations, they can also easily be used to set up a rewards-based campaign.

Here's a look at how you can setup your rewards-based campaign:

1) Enter In Donation Levels And Desired Perk

Follow the step in How To Set Up Donation Tiers to access and update your donation tiers.

You'll want to list your desired rewards in the "description" section alongside each corresponding donation amount.

At this stage, it's best to keep in mind that donors are only able to choose one donation tier, there's no way to add up multiple perks. This means you can set up your rewards 2 ways:

  • Each dollar amount has one reward assigned to it

  • Each dollar amount gets the reward at that level and all the rewards below it

This is traditionally how rewards-based giving campaign is set up, however, in a case where you want donors to choose between 2 perks, you can add it as such in the description and set up a custom donation field corresponding to it.

Here's a closer look at the types of rewards you may want to offer, and how it is displayed to the donor.

Note: In your downloaded donation data, the information that will be available is how much the donor gave, not the reward in the description. 

Donor addresses and anything noted in your custom donation fields will be provided in the donation data export for you to use to send out your perks after the campaign.

View our support article How To Download Donation Data to find out more about what information you get in your data export.

2) Set Up Corresponding Custom Donation Fields, If Necessary

Navigate to your Custom Donation Fields tab and set up the desired fields corresponding to the information you may need to deliver the reward.

Here's a few custom fields you may want to consider adding, depending on your donation form:

  • Dropdown menu for T-shirt Size

  • Dropdown menu for method of Delivery: In person or mail

  • Text line field to enter a name the donation in honor of for reward

  • Text box for mailing address for reward

  • Using the "Radio" field type so donors choose one reward or another

  • Checkbox option to opt out of the reward

In relation to the example of the donation tiers above, here's how the custom donations fields would appear:

These custom fields can be marked as optional or required. You can download this information in your donation data export.

3) List Your Rewards In Your Sidebar (Optional)

If you want to add even more description than fits in the description of the donation tiers, you can navigate to your Site Editor and describe each tier in additional detail. This way, donors know that there are rewards based on their donation before the click the donate button.

Here's an example of how you may want to arrange your Sidebar to reflect your rewards levels. 

In the Sidebar, you can also add pictures and media to offer further description to your rewards by following clicking on the Insert Image icon in your Sidebar content editor. 

Any additional questions? Feel free to email us at [email protected].

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