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Here are some general Launch Tips to get you started:

  • Be compelling. Tell a compelling story that is distinct, clear, and impressionable. Move your audience into action.

  • Build momentum. Get a small group of core supporters to create fundraising pages, then invite your broader base to join the campaign.

  • Refresh your content. Keep your audience coming back to your site by putting up new content and media. Put up a new video/text and give updates.

  • Brand and customize. Use colors that reflect your branding, logo, and other visuals that reflect the identity of your organization.

  • Call to action. Focus on getting supporters to create fundraising pages. Encourage fundraisers to promote their pages.

  • Distribute. Use all your channels (emails, social media, in-person) to direct people to your site.

  • Communicate. Communicate with your fundraisers regularly. Coach and motivate them to take action.

Need help with planning, launching, or running an effective campaign? Visit our Blog and Learning Center on CauseVox to access a plethora of useful information to help you get started.

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