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Designing Your Campaign Site: Best Practices (Legacy)
Designing Your Campaign Site: Best Practices (Legacy)
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One of the ways you can set up your campaign for success is making the most of the customizable options available in the Site Editor. From color choice to media, the decisions you make for your campaign sites look and feel can leave an impact on your donors. Here's some best practices that can help you design a campaign site that will attract donors.

Choose The Right Colors

The first step to making your site look and feel in line with your branding is choosing the right colors. One great way to do this is to use the HEX color codes your nonprofit has already approved and  inputting them in your Site Editor.

However, if you're unsure of which hex color codes your nonprofit uses, try taking a screenshot of your website and run it through a tool that will give you the HEX color codes from the image. Use the prominent colors on your website on your campaign site.

However, it matters where you place these colors on the campaign site. I recommend:

  • Using contrasting colors for the Header Background and the Stats Background (if one is lighter, make sure the other is darker.)

  • Take the brightest color and use it for your buttons and progress bar, the eyes of your site visitors will be immediately attracted to them.

  • Consider using another color from your brand for your content headings and links.

Here's an example of how World Bicycle Relief translated their colors from their website onto their campaign site:

They look similar, and in this way they ensure their visitors that the campaign site is just an extension of their own.

The colors of your site help your donors to recognize your brand and even helps communicate your message. Don't have a color scheme selected yet, or want to change things up? Use these 5 Sites To Find Color Schemes.

Use A Single Logo With A Transparent Background

While it's possible to upload a banner on your campaign site, we recommend sticking with a single logo that will automatically upload centered on the campaign site. This logo should not be more than 175 px H, but the width recommended sizing is more flexible depending on your logo design.

However, to make your site even more professional looking and clean, we recommend using a logo with a transparent background, like the example in the photo below.

This allows you to freely choose the background color for your campaign, instead of trying to match the background color or the logo or having a box around the logo that's a different color than the one on your campaign site.

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