You can upload photos and embed videos on any content area on your CauseVox campaign home page or personal fundraising page. Follow this guide for more info.

Main Media Area Embed

The Main Media Area is a special area on the Campaign Home Page for media embeds. The Media Area is where we have the "I Love CauseVox" video below.

If you upload a photo, it must be in image format (PNG, JPEG, or GIF) with a 3 MB size limit. The photo would need to follow the dimensions noted here.

You can also embed a direct link to media hosted on other sites. The most common types are Youtube and Vimeo videos. Providers that we support embedding in the media area of your campaign site:

  • Flickr Albums (not slideshow or collections)

  • Youtube

  • Vimeo

  • Slideshare

  • Ustream

  • Soundcloud


  • Speakerdeck

  • DailyMotion


  • TED

  • Screenr

Just follow the steps below to include it in your fundraising site.

Step 1: Login to your CauseVox admin

Step 2: Click on your fundraising site and launch the editor.

Step 3: Click "remove" in the media content area.

Step 4: Select "Embed Media" if you're embedding a video or slideshow. Select "Upload Image" If you're looking to just upload a photo.

Step 5: Paste the direct URL link (not the embed code) to the media. You can also upload a single photo from your computer. This will be automatically saved.

Step 6: Review and publish to update the media on your campaign site.

Note: These steps are only for media embedding in the Media Area. For non-Media Area embeds, please see below section "Other Embeds". Please use the full URL of the media. Do not use shorteners like "". 

YouTube Embeds

When you embed a YouTube video, at the end of the video there may be suggested videos that pop up. To remove the suggested video screen, add in bolded text to your YouTube link:


Other Media Embeds

Outside of the Media Area, you can also embed media into the general content area.

You can uploading a photo by clicking on the icon that looks like this:

To upload a video, click on the video icon in the toolbar and pasting in the URL into the section. It will then appear in the content section.

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