Donation tiers are different levels of giving that your donors can choose from. Most of the time, it is presented as a list of donation amounts with corresponding descriptions for each amount.

Before getting specific about the ways you can set up donation tiers, there’s a few best practices that can help you select the right amounts for your donation tiers.

  • We recommend creating about 3-6 donation tiers, so that your donors aren't  overwhelmed with their options and it's easy to select in mobile. You’re also required to have at least 1 tier.
  • In the same vein, keep your descriptions short and easy to read.
  • The average donation on CauseVox is about $78, so we recommend creating one tier that’s around that benchmark and creating one over $150. However, if you know your average donation amount, we recommend creating your tiers based on your own data.
  • If you’re using the Impact Metric, which is a counter on your site that displays the units of impact your fundraising campaign has reached, it’s best to tie your teirs back to your units of impact.
  • Your donation form automatically adds the option for your donors to "Enter Another Amount"

There are few methods you can use to create donation tiers for your campaign:

Impact Units: Whether it's the number of people you reach, the items you can distribute, or the amount of time you can provide your services, tying donation tiers to impact can help your donors choose the amount they donate by the impact they create.

Recognition and Rewards: Donation tiers with different recognitions (ex: first donation tier gets a thank you email, second tier gets a handwritten note, etc) can help influence them to make a higher donation. You can also do physical rewards, but we recommend keeping the focus on impact or donor recognition whenever possible.

Titles: For when your campaign is not quantifiable in easy-to-consume terms, and you don’t want to take a rewards approach, you can always assign related titles to donors at different levels of giving.

While some organizations organize donation levels from bronze to platinum, it’s always engaging to try and relate your titles to your campaign’s theme.

To set up donation tiers, follow the steps below:

 Step 1 : Navigate to the Fundraising section of your site and select your donation page or campaign. In your Settings, click on “Donation Form” along the left menu bar.

Step 2: Input an amount and description next to each tier. You can add more tiers, if needed.

Step 3: Click on Save on the upper right corner. Your donation tiers will now show up on the donation form after a donor clicks on your donate button.

Donors can select from your donation tiers to donate, or they can input any amount that they would like in the donation amount box.

Here's an example of what donation tiers look like on the donation form:

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