Recurring donations allow you to take monthly recurring donations via your CauseVox campaign site. You can easily turn a small donation into a consistent stream of donations throughout the year. **Please note that, CauseVox currently supports recurring donations via Stripe only.

Recurring donation tiers can feature different amounts and descriptions than the one-time donation tiers.  Through our customizable, recurring donation tiers, you will be able to optimize for recurring gift size on its own. Your recurring donor data is accessible through our fundraising automation and reporting tools. 

Additionally, you can also choose to hide the descriptions using the simple tier option detailed below.

Easily Set Up Recurring Donations

Step 1: Navigate to the Fundraising section of your site and select your donation page or campaign. In your Settings, click on Donation Form along the left menu bar.

Step 2: Enable Recurring Donations

  • To give donors the option to make their donation recurring, turn on Enable Recurring Donations

  • To default all donations to recurring to encourage monthly gifts, turn on Recurring Enabled By Default

  • If you're running a "recurring only" campaign or donation page, you can enable Recurring Donations Only.

Step 3: To edit your recurring donation tiers, scroll down to Donation Tiers and select Recurring. You can type in the desired tier amounts, which can be different than your one-time donation tiers, as well as optional descriptions.

Step 4: To hide tier descriptions, enable Simple Tiers.

Here's an example of what simple tiers look like on the donation form.

Step 5: Save your settings. All settings will then be updated on the campaign.

Step 6: Make sure that your Stripe account is connected and selected as your donation processor. Once selected, your recurring donation options will appear.

If you don't have Stripe set up yet, here's how you can set up Stripe for donation processing.

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