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How To Setup A Custom Domain Name (Legacy)
How To Setup A Custom Domain Name (Legacy)
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Custom domains allow you to mask the URL of your CauseVox campaign site with your own vanity URL. 

For example, if your CauseVox campaign site is “” and your corporate website is “”, you can use the custom domain feature so that people can see your campaign site at “”. 

Note: You cannot use a "naked" domain to point to CauseVox (ie, so you’ll want to set up a subdomain such as

Setup A Custom Domain Name

Step 1: Decide what your subdomain will be: a lot of organizations use,, or If you want to use a domain in the format of, you’ll need to put ‘www.’ in front of it.

Step 2: Under Campaigns, select the Settings of the campaign you wish to edit.

Step 3: Under Sites & Forms, select your site.

Step 4: Select General from the left navigation and enter in the subdomain name in the Custom Domain Name section and Save in the lower right hand corner.

Step 5: Login to your domain name registrar, and set up a subdomain. 

This process looks different depending on where you registered your domain, here’s a few articles to help guide you: 

In order for the subdomain to be pointed to your CauseVox site, you’ll want to set up a CNAME record that points to 

For example, if your subdomain is we will put “fundraise” in the name section and “” in the ‘points to’ value area.

Step 6: To help your custom domain load as quickly as possible, you’ll want to lower the TTL (Time To Live) to the lowest value available and save.

This change could take up to 48 hours to take effect, and you’ll see that your custom domain site is secure.

For additional details on setting up a custom domain, visit our support article on custom domains.

If you're previously set up a custom domain pointing to our IP address, you'll need to update it so it's secured. Here's how to update it.

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