Custom fields are an easy way for you to ask your donor questions or collect additional info from your donors on CauseVox. Here are a few examples of what you can do with this powerful feature:

  1. Allow donors to donate on behalf of someone (great for corporate giving)
  2. Find out the best way to connect with donors (email, social media, etc)
  3. Ask donors for their t-shirt size if you’re running an athletic event.
  4. Enter in names and contact information for multiple attendees of an event under one donor
  5. Figure out where donors heard about your campaign/organization (through a friend, online, etc)
  6. Selecting a perk or raffle the donor would prefer

Here's a step by step walkthrough:

Step 1: Login to your CauseVox Admin account and select your Fundraising Site.

Step 2: Go to your Settings, and select “Custom Fields” from the left menu.

Step 3: Add a custom field, or a repeating custom field under Donation Custom Fields.

A normal field is a field that can only be filled out once, which is typically used in situations where only your donor is answering questions only on their own behalf. 

A repeating field is a field that the donor can add rows to, so that the question can be answered multiple times. This is best used in a situation where a donor is answering questions on behalf of multiple people.

Consider which field fits your needs best, and select either to add a normal custom field or a repeating custom field. 

You’re able to add multiple fields, so you can use both types on one form, in any arrangement.

Here’s what normal custom fields look like on the donation form:

Here’s what repeating custom fields look like on the donation form:

Step 4: Enter in your question, select a field type that helps donors best answer your question, and add values when appropriate.

Field types include:

  • Text Line- donors write a short form response
  • Text Box- donors write a long form response
  • Dropdown Menu- donors select from options provided
  • Checkbox- donors check the box in agreement
  • Radio- donors are forced to choose one of the options

Any question can be made required.

Step 5: If you’d like up to three questions to appear side by side, you can select Add Field To Group and input your custom questions.

Step 6: You can view a preview of your custom fields by selecting the Preview tab.

Here’s what group custom fields look like on the donation form:

Here’s an example of how the normal custom field and repeating custom fields in groups can help your organization collect the information you need from fundraisers.

You’ll be able to view your custom fields on the second page of your donation form.

You’ll be able to see a donor’s custom field answers on their donation record in CauseVox as well as in the donation export.

Custom fields are available on the Standard Plan and above.

If you're looking to use Donation Custom Fields for event registration, here's our best practices.

If you have any questions on custom fields and how to use it, contact us at [email protected].

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