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How To Design Or Edit The Look Of Your Fundraising Site (Legacy)
How To Design Or Edit The Look Of Your Fundraising Site (Legacy)
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Edit the look and feel of you fundraising site to maintain your organization's branding and creatively share your message.

Step 1: Under Campaigns, select the campaign settings in the far right.

Step 2: Under Sites & Forms, select your fundraising site.

Step 3: Select Design Site in the upper right.

Use the diagram below to identify your fundraising site elements.

A: Once you launch the Design Editor, it automatically defaults you to the Campaign Home Page.

B: Select the CauseVox Logo located on the top of your page to edit it or delete.

Note: After uploading a photo to the Header, Logo, or Media area (Sections B + D), refresh the page to see the correct aspect ratio.

C: Select each tab in the Colors and Backgrounds menu to change the colors of the site to fit your branding. You can use a hex color code or just pick a color you like using our selector.

D: Below the logo, select Media section to edit or delete.

E: Below the media section, select the About text box to edit or delete your appeal. The About section comprises your fundraising appeal. Use the text editor to compose an effective fundraising appeal that provides your supporters with a clear and concise idea on the background of this campaign, its goals, and how it intends to fulfill its goals through these fundraising efforts.

You can even embed video, or insert images in your appeal message to further enrich this content.

F: To the right of your About section, select the Sidebar Heading and Sidebar Description and put in your own content.

G: When finished, select Publish in the upper right hand corner. Publish updates your site so that you can see your design when you preview the site or enable it for your network. If you have already launched your campaign site, it puts those changes online.

Additional Notes

  • Use our Media Guidelines for recommended graphic dimensions.

  • Need some guidance on creating a visually appealing site that's in line with your branding? Here's our best practices for Designing A Campaign Site.

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