Sometimes, your donors will opt to give your CauseVox campaign a check or cash donation. You can easily input that donation into your CauseVox campaign site so that the donation will be included in your campaign’s progress counter.

Note: Donation receipts are not automatically sent for offline donations, those should be sent manually through your your own receipting.

To add an offline donation, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Under Manage select Donations from the left navigation and select Add Donation on the right.

Step 2: Use the dropdown to assign it to a campaign.

Step 3: Assign the offline donation to a personal fundraiser and/or team.

Step 4: Enter the donation information. You can make the gift anonymous if you'd like. Save in the lower right hand corner.

Note: In order to Save you will need to fill in all required fields including Postal Info.

Your donation should now be listed among all other online/offline donations.

Note: Offline donations do not incur any transaction fees.

Remove An Offline Donation

If you need to remove an offline donation, you can navigate back to

Manage >> Donations and search for the donation by email.

Select the donation and click Actions >> Delete Donation.

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