Sometimes, your donors will opt to give your CauseVox campaign a check or cash donation. You can easily input that donation into your CauseVox campaign site so that the donation will be included in your campaign’s progress counter.

Note: Donation receipts are not automatically sent for offline donations, those should be sent manually through your your own receipting.

To add an offline donation, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to Manage. In your Activity dropdown, select Donations.

Step 2: Click Add Offline on the right.

Step 3: Use the Campaign dropdown to assign it to a campaign.

Step 4: Assign the offline donation to a personal fundraiser and/or team.

Step 5: Enter the donation information. You can make the gift anonymous and enter a postal address if you'd like!

Step 6: Save at the bottom.

Your donation should now be listed among all other online/offline donations.

**Note: Offline donations do not incur any transaction fees.

If you need to remove an offline donation, you can simply navigate back to Manage, to search for the donation by email.

Select the donation and click Actions > Refund Donation.

Please note: Refunds cannot be reversed after you confirm. You will see that the payment status changes to refunded.

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