How To Create A Personal Fundraising Page (Legacy)
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To create a Personal Fundraising Page, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to your CauseVox campaign site and click on the "Join The Campaign" button.

Step 2: Sign up for a Personal Fundraising Page account with your email and set a password.

Note: If you've already signed up for an account on a previous campaign, you can login with the same email and password.

Step 3: Once signed in, you will be directed step-by-step on how to complete your profile to get your Personal Fundraising Page up and running.

Complete your profile by uploading a picture and filling in your name.

  • Photo - Upload your own photo. Square images work the best. Your campaign organizer may have prepopulated a photo for you that you can easily replace.

  • Name - Enter in your first name and last name.

Step 4: Next, enter your Display Name, URL to your Personal Fundraising Page, your fundraising goal.

  • Display Name - Your display name is what appears on your fundraising page. While it's defaulted to you your name, you can write in any display name you'd like, such as "The Cody Family" in the example above.

  • URL - This is the link you will send to your friends so they can access your Personal Fundraising Page.

  • Fundraising Goal - Your Fundraising Goal is amount of money you intend to raise for your campaign.

  • Activity Metric Goal - Your Activity Metric Goal is the goal amount for your activity/fitness challenge. You can reset the goal and update the progress of your goal at any time!

Step 5: Enter in your your fundraising appeal.

The Fundraising Appeal on a Personal Fundraising Page comes prepopulated with the Fundraising Appeal set by the CauseVox Admin. Feel free to edit this section and compose your own personalized appeal.

This section should give your supporters a concise and clear idea on why you feel for this campaign, the goal of this campaign, and how it intends to fulfill its goals through these fundraising efforts. Don’t forget to conclude your appeal with a call to action to donate.

Step 6: Sharing your Personal Fundraising Page. In this step, you can compose a personalized message to spread the word about your new Personal Fundraising Page with your network of contacts on the most popular social media platforms. 

You have just set up your Personal Fundraising Page! You will be directed to your Personal Fundraising Page’s Account, and view your dashboard to manage your page.

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