You can access your list of Personal Fundraising Pages on the bottom left hand section, under Manage. You can choose any Personal Fundraising Page to edit, disable or delete. You can do so in the following steps:

Editing a Specific Personal Fundraising Page

Step 1: Navigate to the fundraiser listing from your admin account by selecting Manage> Fundraisers. Search and click on the Personal Fundraising Page you want to edit.

You're able to edit Fundraisers': 

  • Page Information (display name, URL, fundraising goal)

  • Page Appeal¬†

  • Custom Fields (their answers to your custom questions from the fundraiser signup process)

  • Sharing (image and description)

  • Administration (disable or delete their page)

Note: You are not able to change a Fundraiser's email, password, name on the account, and profile photo. They must login to change these details.

Step 2: To change the Display Name, Page URL, and Fundraising goal, click to expand "Page Information" on the page.

Step 3: To change their text or content on their page, select Page Appeal.

Step 4: To edit their answers to your custom questions from the fundraiser signup process, click to expand their Custom Fields.

Step 5: To edit their social sharing image and description, select "Sharing" and click on "Manual" to update the content.

To delete a personal fundraising page or disable a page (take it offline), you can select either of these option under Administration.

To make changes on the look and feel of Personal Fundraising Pages, please visit our User guide:
How To Edit/Design The Look Of Your Campaign Site. For more info on setting up default content for fundraisers, view our article "How To Set Up General Settings For Personal Fundraisers."

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