When you're using CauseVox, you might be working with several other people in your organization across several campaigns. For example, let's say you're an Executive Director running a campaign. Your communications staff, your accountant, and your IT person all may need to have access to the your CauseVox campaign for setup and operations.

You can invite Admin Team Members to be able to modify your campaign site. These Admin Team Members will be able to access the admin side of your CauseVox campaign site and make modifications.

Here's how you invite Admin Team Members to your CauseVox campaign site:

Step 1: Under account Settings, select Team Members.

Step 2: Invite a Team Member by putting in the Team Member's first name, last name, and email address. They will be sent an email from CauseVox about getting access to the campaign site.

Step 3: Select Edit Permissions (pencil icon) next to the admin team member's name.

Step 4: Select Organization Admin if you'd like them to have access to all the campaigns and be able to create new ones. (Only the account owner can access Billing, however)

Or, select Organization Editor to select which campaigns they have access to.

Step 5: Find the campaign(s) you'd like the Editor to have access to and check the corresponding checkbox. This will be autosaved, confirmed when the green Permissions Updated message appears.

Note: Editors can change anything on the campaign, but won't be able to change Organization Info, Billing, Add Team Members, or create new campaigns.

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