Merge tags allow you to customize your donation receipt by automatically inserting designated information from our database.

The following is a list of all current merge tags available:

  • {{first_name}} - Inserts the donor first_name.

  • {{last_name}} - Inserts the donor last name.

  • {{full_name}} - Inserts the donor full name.

  • {{campaign_name}} - Inserts the name of your campaign.

  • {{amount}} - Inserts the amount of the donation (without currency sign).

  • {{organization_name}} - Inserts the name of your organization (under account settings).

  • {{address}} - Inserts the address of your donor.

  • {{date}} - Inserts the date that the donation was made.

  • {{display_amount}} Inserts the intended donation amount (minus the CauseVox tip) and it is also automatically added into the default transaction information.

  • {{transaction_id}} - Inserts the transaction ID of the donation.

  • {{transaction_info}} - Inserts transaction information about the donation (personal/team page assignment, donor, amount, transaction ID, address, and date). If you do not include this tag or do not include the necessary transaction information through the other tags, it will be automatically added to the end of the e-mail.

*Note: This list is also available in your site settings under donation receipts.

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