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How To Create Team Fundraising Pages (as an Admin) (Legacy)
How To Create Team Fundraising Pages (as an Admin) (Legacy)
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To create of team fundraising pages on your CauseVox campaign, follow the steps below:

Step 1: In your Manage tab, select the campaign you want to add a team fundraising page to, and then Team Pages. Click on the Create Team button.

Step 2: Then fill out the details of the team fundraising page. This includes:

  • Campaign assignment (which campaign this page is under)

  • Team page name

  • Team page stub (URL)

  • Team page fundraising goal

  • Team page profile photo (400px x 400px preferred)

  • Team page description (appeal)

  • Team page social sharing content

Note: Personal fundraising pages have the ability to self-service join or create a team fundraising page. Learn more about how to create a team as a personal fundraising page here.

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