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How You Can Use CauseVox: Legacy
CauseVox Demo & Walkthrough Videos (Legacy)
CauseVox Demo & Walkthrough Videos (Legacy)
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Overview Demo

CauseVox is a digital fundraising platform for nonprofits. You can create donation forms, crowdfunding, peer to peer fundraising, event ticketing, and track donors all in one place.

Peer To Peer Fundraising Demo

Use hands off peer to peer fundraising to drive more donations, have happier fundraisers and free up your time. Walkthrough campaign highlights and example personal and team pages, learn how to create a personal fundraising page and take a look at the backend to manage the data.

Donation Form Demo

Use our embeddable donation form to modernize your donation processing to drive more donations, get to know your donors more and have happier donors overall.

Pledge Now, Pay Later

Use Pledge Now, Pay Later installments to source larger gifts over time, have predictable revenue and expand fundraising opportunities.

Ticket Form Demo

Use our ticket form to sell tickets and fundraise at the same time, get to know your participants more and have happier participants overall.

Admin Demo

Get time-saving admin to automate tracking, export data and manage your contacts.

Feature Overview: Campaign Home Page Tour

The CauseVox Campaign Home Page is the the main overview page of your crowdfunding campaign. You can easily change the appearance and content, include storytelling via blog posts, and take donations on your CauseVox Campaign Home Page

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