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Disable Peer-to-Peer Signups For A Campaign (Legacy)
Disable Peer-to-Peer Signups For A Campaign (Legacy)

Disabling signups so no new peer-to-peer fundraising pages can be created.

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When fundraising page signups are disabled, the Join the Campaign button is removed from your campaign site, but your existing peer-to-peer fundraising pages continue to be displayed.

Here's how you can disable donation for your campaign:

Step 1: Under Campaigns, select the Settings of the campaign you wish to edit.

Step 2: Under Sites & Forms, select your site.

Step 3: From the left navigation under Personal Pages, select General Settings. Toggle off Allow Signups and Save.

Now, you can keep your existing peer-to-peer pages active and no new peer-to-peer pages can be created on your campaign.

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