With virtual walks, races, climbs, and more growing in popularity, we've made it easy for fundraisers to track and update their activities by supporting integrations with Strava.

Here's how you can integrate your activities on your personal fundraising page:

Step 1: Login to your personal fundraising page.

Step 2: Navigate to 'Edit Page'

Step 3: Select 'Page Appeal'

Step 4: Select 'Insert Media'

Step 5: Copy the URL. There's 2 options for different styles of appearance:

1) Detailed Embed: Select "Embed On Blog"

Copy just the URL, not the whole code:

Paste in the CauseVox 'Embed Media' section

Here's how it appears on the page:

2) Simple Embed: Copy the URL at the top of the activity on Strava:

Here's how it appears on the page.

Step 6: Save.

Have questions about integrating Strava? Email us at [email protected].

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