Strategically ordering your donation tiers can enhance donor engagement and help you optimize donation size.

Whether you want your donation tiers listed from the greatest amount to the least amount, the least amount to the greatest amount, or somewhere in between, you can easily draw your donors' attention to your most important donation tiers with our Rearrangeable Tiers.

Easily Set Up Rearrangeable Tiers

Step 1: Navigate to the Fundraising section of your site and select your donation page or campaign.

Step 2: In your Settings, click on Donation Form along the left menu bar.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Donation Tiers section of the form and use the up and down arrows to rearrange the order of your tiers.

Step 4: Click Save in the upper or lower right corner to save your changes before leaving the page.

Here's an example of a custom tier order you can create:

If you have any questions about Rearrangeable Tiers, contact us at [email protected].

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