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Virtual Fundraising-Optimized Pages
Virtual Fundraising-Optimized Pages

Power up your virtual fundraising with optimized campaign pages.

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We're launching new virtual fundraising-optimized campaign pages + templates to help you run your virtual events more effectively.

While in-person events are cancelled for the foreseeable future, it's time to get comfortable in the new virtual reality: the virtual fundraising event.

Use our new virtual fundraising-optimized pages to better run your events including:

  • Galas, luncheons

  • Races, walks, runs

  • Walk-a-thon, bowl-a-thon, etc.

  • Karaoke events

  • Tournaments: trivia, gaming, sporting events, etc.

  • Product fundraisers: selling products, raffle tickets, etc.

  • + more!

Note: If you're looking for more inspiration for the different types of virtual fundraising events, check out our blog for 150+ Virtual Fundraising Ideas.

The CauseVox virtual fundraising campaign pages + templates will enhance your event experience by allowing you to:

  • Customize sleek modules to help your audience feel connected.

  • Easily update content in real-time to keep your audience engaged.

These new campaign page layouts come as a template and are flexible so you can add and remove modules to better tell your story. You work with a Dedicated Success Manager to customize your layout with no coding required.

Here’s a preview of our new and improved virtual fundraising pages + templates below.

Optimized Campaign Pages

Virtual campaign pages are optimized for livestream fundraising, virtual galas, virtual walkathons, and virtual events.

Improve your audience interaction with:

  • 3x faster page loading to improve donor conversion.

  • Enlarged embedded video section.

  • Real-time chat reactions.

  • Stunning design.

Flexible Page Layouts

Your virtual fundraising campaign can have a custom layout through content modules.

Here are a few of the types of modules you have access to, to create the layout of your campaign page.

About Module:

Use the About Module to explain the mission and vision of your event. This is your opportunity to tell your donors the purpose of your virtual fundraising event and why their participation is critical to the success of your event.

Engage more donors by:

  • Crafting a compelling story, personalizing your message to draw people to your cause.

  • Highlighting the need, and driving donors to action.

  • Including outside sources or testimonials to increase credibility.

Peer-to-Peer/Participant Module:

Incorporate peer-to-peer fundraising into your virtual event to raise 2x the funds. When you implement a peer-to-peer fundraising strategy, you activate your key supporters to create their own personal fundraising pages to raise funds on behalf of your organization. This can effectively more than doubling your potential donor base!

Use the Peer-to-Peer/Participant Module to showcase the leaderboard of your key supporters. Your networks can see, at a glance, the great fundraising work your community is doing, and may be encouraged to register and join!

Encourage peer-to-peer fundraising to:

  • Reach untapped networks and raise 2x the funds!

  • Activate personal and team fundraising pages to raise more while creating community and a sense of friendly competition.

  • Save time and $$ on marketing - your peer-to-peer fundraisers become your marketers!

  • Automatically highlight top earners in the peer-to-peer leaderboard.

Sponsor Module:

Include the Sponsor Module to acknowledge event sponsors and their work in the community. Additionally, it serves as another source of credibility.

Use the Sponsor Module to:

  • Quickly upload sponsor logos.

  • Increase credibility.

  • Express your gratitude!

Event Details Module:

In this section, you can tell your community all about the event details and how to get involved.

Energize your participants by:

  • Listing event dates and campaign length to increase urgency.

  • Hyping your event with fun, day-of details.

  • Explaining how to get involved by registering on your campaign page.

  • Mentioning any matching grants to excite prospect donors and participants.

Donation Module:

The Donation Module allows you to direct people to donate using our quick, 2-step donation process that your donors will love.

Convert more donors with:

Integrated Ticketing + Registration

Streamline your fundraising by using a single page link for event registration, donations, and peer-to-peer fundraising.

Integrate your ticketing + registration by:

  • Taking donations

  • Selling tickets

  • Running peer-to-peer fundraising

  • Taking registrations (Multiple registration quantities and promo codes accepted.)

Not to mention, there is one reporting interface to track registrations, donations, and peer-to-peer fundraising helping you save time on admin.


The CauseVox virtual fundraising-optimized campaign page is a new feature.

Book a 1-1 demo to see our upcoming virtual fundraising page release and explore how you can raise more through your virtual event.

For more information on how to implement the new template for your upcoming virtual fundraising events, contact [email protected].

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