If you've received an error that reads "Uh oh, it looks like donations are not set up for this campaign," you're not yet subscribed to a plan and have a credit card on file. 

In order to enable your site to take donations, you'll need to add a credit card on file that can be charged once your free trial of the Standard Plan has reached it's limit.

Here's how you can add a card and enable donations:

Step 1: Login to your account and select your campaign site. Once you're in the dashboard, you'll see a purple notification at the top of the Dashboard. There, you can click a link to "add a card on file" to enable donations.

Step 2: A Billing information box will pop up, subscribing you automatically to the Standard Plan. Enter in your Credit Card Information. 

Once your info is entered, you won't be billed immediately, you'll stay on your free trial. If you'd like to subscribe to the Standard annual, Plus, or Premium plan instead, you can do so on your Billing page. 

You're able to upgrade your monthly plan or suspend your account at anytime.

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