When a donor completes a donation, they're automatically sent a donation receipt minutes after their donation is completed.

Your donation receipt automatically has the subject line: "Donation Receipt for [Your Campaign Title]"

This donation receipt is automatically not tax-deductible, but it can be made up to tax-deductible standards.

You also can add email addresses from your organization to be cc'd or bcc'd on your donation receipts, helping you comply with tax requirements.

We recommend personalizing your donation receipt as much as possible, stating the impact that their donation is helping make, and thanking them for their contribution.

Here's how you can set up your receipt.

If a donor didn't receive a receipt, it likely was automatically sorted into their spam or promotions folder. Here's how you can resend a donation receipt if needed.

Note: Donation receipts are not automatically sent for offline donations, those should be sent manually through your your own receipting.

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