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Creating Campaigns: Legacy
Track Miles + Funds With Activity Metric (Legacy)
Track Miles + Funds With Activity Metric (Legacy)

Activity Metric helps you track total miles for your next virtual challenge.

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The Activity Metric allows you and your participants to set activity goals and display the total progress for any virtual walkathon, race or fitness challenge.

Alongside your funding goal progress bar, your campaign can visually display participants' cumulative total miles, making it easier for fundraisers and donors to track fitness goals + make more donations!

Create a new activity metric counter on any campaign to track:

  • Miles walked

  • Miles run

  • Miles biked

  • Miles climbed

  • Miles swam

  • # of [push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, etc.]

  • + more

Count Miles Right On Your Campaign Site

Similar to our impact metric, the activity metric, allows you to help donors connect their dollar to a specific unit of activity.

In your campaign settings, simply enter the campaign activity goal and the description. For example, '400 + miles biked.'

This metric can be applied to all peer-to-peer, and team pages, allowing fundraisers to manually enter and continuously update their activity. The miles will automatically display on their personal pages, and the aggregate activity goals of all peer-to-peer pages will be counted on the main campaign site automatically.

Here are a few benefits of the CauseVox activity metric:

  • Set an activity metric goal for peer-to-peer pages.

  • Peer-to-peer fundraisers can easily update their miles on their own within their dashboard! (No help or IT need!)

  • Automatically display the peer-to-peer metric totals across all individual + team pages, as well as the main campaign site to boost donations!


Simplify your reporting by adding the activity metric counter to your Fundraiser and Team exports.

Save time on admin with streamlined reporting:

  • Add summary reporting of activity metric on peer-to-peer + team page listings.

  • Quickly sort by peer-to-peer page activity metrics.

Book a 1-1 demo to see how our Activity Metric can help you raise more through your virtual challenge.


Learn how to set up Activity Metric on your campaign.

For more information on how to implement the new template for your upcoming virtual fundraising events, contact [email protected].

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