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How to Add Vimeo Chat To Your Virtual Event
How to Add Vimeo Chat To Your Virtual Event

Increase audience engagement with embedded chat.

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If you're thinking of bringing your in-person fundraising event online, one of the best ways to increase audience engagement is through chat.

When you stream your event video on Vimeo, we can also embed the video's chat box directly onto your CauseVox campaign to enhance audience engagement.

Encourage audience interaction for any virtual event:

Here's a list of our 23 Top Virtual Fundraising Ideas!

  • Galas/UnGalas

  • Luncheons/brunches

  • Gaming tournaments

  • Battle of the bands

  • Talent shows

  • Movie nights

  • Happy hours

  • Walk-a-thons (You can even track miles/activities!)

  • + more!

Participants can watch and react to your live or prerecorded event right below the video stream on CauseVox!

Now you can drive your supporters to a single campaign site to participate in the event by watching, donating, and chatting!

Vimeo chat makes it easy to join the conversation.

Just type in your name, accept the terms and click Join.

Enhance any virtual event with chat:

  • Supporters can watch, chat, and donate to your event on one campaign site!

  • Chat box is prominently featured below the video stream and donate button.

  • Anyone with the campaign link can easily join the chat.

  • Increase audience participation.

  • Thank donors for gifts in real time!

To add Vimeo chat to your virtual event, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to your Campaigns list and select the settings of the campaign you wish to edit using the gear icon on the far right.

Step 2: Under Fundraising Website, select the Design Site editor.

Step 3: You can embed Vimeo chat box in the body of your appeal text. Copy and paste the live-chat embed code url link into the media section:

You will see the chat box in the appeal section.

For more information about adding chat to your upcoming virtual event, contact [email protected].

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