How To Redeem Tickets (Legacy)
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When you're managing your event, you want to keep track of who attended, or "redeemed" their ticket.

Using CauseVox you're able to easily mark tickets as Redeemed.

Here's how you can redeem tickets:

Step 1: Navigate to your Manage section and select the campaign from the Campaign dropdown menu that you want to view tickets from.

Step 2: Select Tickets from the Activity dropdown menu.

Step 3: Search and select the ticket you'd like to redeem.

Step 4: Mark as Redeemed from the Ticket Status dropdown menu and click Save.

Step 5: This ticket status will now be marked as Redeemed and seen in the Redeemed Listing.

This will help you track those who have attended your event and/or received the benefits of their purchase. You can export this list for your record-keeping.

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