Integrated ticketing helps you better run your events by driving participants to one fundraising site to donate, run peer-to-peer fundraising and buy tickets!

Event ticketing is available on the Standard plan and above.

To set up your ticket form, follow the steps below:

Set Up Tickets

Step 1: Under Campaigns, select the campaign Settings (gear icon) of the campaign you wish to edit.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Ticketing Form section and select General Settings.

Step 3: Enter the form Title, and Subtitle.

Step 5: Customize the look and feel by selecting a font type and accent and button color to match your organization branding.

Step 6 (Optional): Enter the email(s) of those who you'd like notified of purchases and Save.

Step 7: Use the left navigation to select Ticketing Tiers to set up your tiers. While you may have as many tiers as you would like, we recommend 3-6.

Select Add Tier to create new tier(s).

Enter the tier amount and description and Save.

Step 8: Select the pencil icon to edit tier descriptions, or select the trash icon to delete tiers.

You can rearrange your tiers by quickly dragging and dropping in any preferred order.

Step 9 (Optional): Set a ticket number limit. Restrict the amount of tickets that can be purchased per order, or set it to zero for no limit, and Save.

Step 10 (Optional): Select Promo Codes to add a promo code to the form. Use either a percentage or a dollar amount off of the ticket price.

Note: You can add multiple promo codes to a ticketing form, but ticket buyers can only enter one code for any given purchase.

Step 11: Preview your ticket form by toggling to the preview option in the upper right corner.

Step 12: Select Enable Form to view your ticketing form live on your fundraising site.

Here's what a sample ticket order looks like:

Additional Notes

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