The Setup Guide is a centralized place to view your campaign setup checklist and to access site settings to complete any remaining steps.

Ideally you will launch your campaign when all of the campaign setup steps are 100% complete.

To enable/disable and complete steps, follow the guide below:

Step 1: Under Campaigns, select the Settings of the campaign you wish to edit.

Step 2: Select View Guide to track the campaign setup progress.

You will see a list of your various campaign component settings including:

  • Global Settings

  • Fundraising Site

  • Personal + Team Pages

  • Peer-to-peer Registration

  • Donation Form

  • Ticketing Form

Step 3 (Optional): Turn Off Guide for any sections that are disabled and that you do not want to use in your campaign.


  • All Guide Settings that are turned on will be counted toward your campaign progress, so if Team Pages are disabled, for example, you will want to Turn Off the Team Pages Guide.

  • All settings listed within active guides will need to be completed to show 100% progress.

Step 4: Use the active guides to move through the settings you wish to edit and complete.

Select Edit to edit a particular setting. Once you save your edited settings, the guide will automatically check it off your list!

Some settings are optional. If you don't wish to use an optional setting, select Ignore so that it does not get counted toward your campaign setup progress.

Scroll to the top of the guide and select Restore Ignored Steps, should you decide to edit any previously ignored settings.

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