What Is UTC Time Zone? (Legacy)
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The end date is a feature that you can enable on your CauseVox campaign site to display the number-of-days-remaining counter on your campaign site.

While you are able to set the campaign to your current time zone, the End Date time zone is automatically set to UTC time zone. That means, you will have to do some conversion before setting the End Date.

What Is The UTC Time Zone?

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the primary time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time.

How To Convert Your Time Zone

First determine your local time offset.

Add the offset amount if you are converting from your local time zone to UTC. Subtract the offset amount if you are converting from UTC to your local time zone.

For example, 4:00 is the local time offset for Eastern Time (US & Canada).

If your local time offset is 4:00, and your campaign ends 12am midnight EST, then you would add 4 hours to set your End Date to 4am UTC (12am EST).

You can also use the handy world clock converter: WordTimeBuddy.com

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