Pledge Now, Pay Later (PNPL) gives your donors more flexible payment options by allowing them to donate through installments over a certain period of time.

Learn more about the benefits and functionality of using PNPL to increase gift size, donor happiness, and financing opportunities for your organization:

Benefits Of Pledge Now, Pay Later

  • Increase gift size

    • Automatically source larger donations over a period of time so anyone can become a major donor!

  • Automatic fulfillment

    • Automatically charge pledge installments, send donation receipts, and keep. track of pledge fulfillment progress. (No manual processes!)

  • Predictable revenue

    • It's easy for donors to select a donation schedule that fits their needs.

    • Improve donor retention; annual gifts help you retain donors year after year.

  • Increased donor happiness

    • Donors can commit to giving now, and pay later for more convenience.

  • Expand financing opportunities

    • Prove backing for capital initiatives for loans, grants, and more!

  • New fundraising opportunities

    • Extend peer to peer fundraising with pledge style campaigns.

    • Use auto-pledges to pay for memberships for up to 5 years.

How It Works

Your donor selects a pledge amount and one of the preset installment periods: monthly between 3 and 60 months, and/or annual periods between 2 and 5 years.

They will pay the first installment and will be billed future installments based on schedule selected.

In the backend, you will have easy admin, with access to:

  • Enhanced donation receipts to include installment details.

  • Track all donation transactions and installment profiles.

  • Export installment data.

  • Enhanced donation counter to display total installments on the campaign, personal, and team pages.

Additional Notes

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