Pledge Now, Pay Later (PNPL) gives your donors more flexible payment options by allowing them to donate through installments over a certain period of time.


  • Donation forms can offer either one-time donations and monthly recurring donations, OR one-time donations and PNPL installments. Learn more about recurring donations and PNPL to determine which payment option is best for your organization.

  • PNPL forms are in beta. To request access, contact [email protected].

Follow the steps below to set up Pledge Now, Pay Later installments on your donation form:

Set Up Pledge Now, Pay Later

Step 1: Under Campaigns, search for the campaign you wish to edit and select the Settings (gear icon).

Step 2: Scroll down to the Donation Form section and select Installments.

Step 3: Turn on Enable Installments and Save.

Step 4 (optional): Enable Compact Tiers to remove descriptions from the tiers.

Step 5: Select Add Tier to create unlimited customizable donation tiers. You can use the pencil icon to edit tier information and the garbage can icon to delete tiers.

Step 6: Scroll down to Installment Receipt section to edit the receipt that is sent to the donor and Save.

Note: Donor pay period, and pledge amount will automatically be included in the transaction information.

You can also send a test email receipt to the account email.

Step 7: Select Enable Form to view your PNPL form live on your fundraising site.

Additional Notes

Pledge Now, Pay Later forms are in beta. To request access, contact [email protected].

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