This 5 part guide can help you get the most out of CauseVox! From campaign concept to the your campaign promotion, we'll go over all the best practices and instructions you need to set your campaign up for success. 

Here's a look at what you'll learn:

Introduction & Campaign Structure

Fundraising in today's world looks a lot different than it used to. Learn how you can bring fundraising from being transaction based to people focused, while exploring what basic campaign structure works best for you.

Goal Setting: Making Your Campaign SMART

Find out what goals you should be setting, why they help enhance your campaign, and how you can set goals that help you succeed.

Checklist: What Steps You Need To Take To Setup Your Campaign

If you're setting up a campaign, it's great to know what things you need prepared to do so as quickly and easily as possible. This working checklist can help you keep track and get everything you need in order!

Best Practices For Creating Your Content

Once you know what you need from the checklist above, these best practices can help you create great content. Learn how you can create great fundraising appeals, videos, and site design that will attract donors and take your campaign to the next level.

Campaign Promotion Tips & Tactics

Finished your site and are ready for the next step? Find out how you can promote your site so that it best reaches your audience and consistently drives people to your campaign site.

CauseVox is a powerful fundraising tool- here's how you can best use it to reach your goals.

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