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Campaign Structure & Definition Of Terms (Legacy)
Campaign Structure & Definition Of Terms (Legacy)

How Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Works on CauseVox

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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a powerful type of crowdfunding that uses your current donors, volunteers, and other connections to fundraise for your nonprofit or charity.

Your supporters become personal fundraisers by creating personal or team pages under your campaign that drive their networks to give to your cause, expanding your reach and helping you to acquire new donors in the process.

We’ve seen that campaigns that use peer-to-peer fundraising tend to raise twice as much as those without.


A campaign is one fundraising initiative. it is like a folder that holds your various fundraising types: fundraising site, donation form, and ticketing form. Organizations usually create one campaign per quarter on CauseVox. All funds received from the campaign, team, and personal fundraising pages are reflected in the campaign total. All funds are received directly to the donation processor the organization sets up for the campaign.

Campaign Admin


A group of fundraisers raising funds together through one page. The team goal is set by the sum of the personal fundraisers goals. All funds received through personal fundraising pages reflect on the team page, as well as any funds donated directly to the team page. Teams are best used for fundraising events, regional fundraising, corporations, or competitions.

Teams can be created by the campaign admin or by personal fundraisers. Any fundraiser can join a team, or be placed on a team by the campaign admin.

Team Admin

Fundraiser granted access by the Campaign Admin to edit team page content.


An individual raising funds on the organization's behalf. They can create their own personal fundraising page underneath the campaign. Any funds donated through their page appear on their page, any teams they're a part of, and on the main campaign site.


Anyone who gives money to the campaign, team, or personal fundraising pages. Donors are not required to create a profile.

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