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How To Set Up Your Site For Walks and Races (Legacy)
How To Set Up Your Site For Walks and Races (Legacy)
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If you're running a run, walk, or bike race, you may be wondering how you can best set up CauseVox for your event. 

Here's a look at best practices for creating a racing campaign on CauseVox and how you can best structure your race signup.

Setting Up A Registration Fee

If you're starting a new campaign, you can choose Peer-to-Peer Fundraising from your Fundraising Type list. This will lead you through the setup process including peer-to-peer registration.

Step 1: If you're adding it onto an existing campaign, enable the registration within your fundraising site settings.

Step 2: Scroll down and select Add Tier to build out your registration fee and description and Save.

Note: On the Standard plan, you're able to have one registration fee level. On the Plus and Premium plan, you'll be able to create multiple registration fees.

Step 3: Your registrants will automatically get a confirmation email from you when their registration is completed. Enter any and all essential information into the registration email.

You may want to include:

  • Confirmation of registration

  • Dates and Times

  • Location Address

  • Contact information for questions

  • Instructions for day of (what to bring, what to wear, etc)

  • Logistics (ie: We're asking all participants to raise a minimum of $500)

Once saved, these registration options are automatically added to the fundraiser signup.

To see what the registration process looks like, view our support article How To Pay Your Registration Fee and Create Your Fundraising Page.

Best Practices

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

You'll want to make sure that you have personal and team fundraising pages enabled, and upload a default fundraiser photo to ensure the signup process is easier (in case a participant doesn't have a photo ready to upload).

Default Fundraiser Appeal

Next, you'll also want to create a Default Fundraiser Appeal with details about what they're racing for to provide content for racing participants to work off of.

Enabling Teams And Default Team Appeal

You'll want to ensure that you have teams enabled, so that participants in the race that are coming from running clubs or different corporations can fundraise together. The Default Team appeal also allows you to pre-populate team content, so you team admins have something to work off of as well.

Welcome Email

The Welcome Email is one of the most essential steps in the setup process for fundraisers. This gets sent out to fundraisers as they complete their campaign setup and it's where you'll supply your instructions for participating in the race.

A: Ensure that you have the welcome email enabled.

B: In your welcome email, instruct your fundraisers about day, time, location, and anything else they need to know to participate on race day. You'll also want to include contact information if they have any questions.

C: Link to an external document that contains a fundraising toolkit to help them fundraise for you.

Custom Fundraiser Fields

The Custom Fundraiser Fields are also really important because they allow you to get additional information from registrants that you need for the race. Oftentimes for races this looks like a dropdown menu with t-shirt sizes.


There are some design best practices that can help communicate best to donors and fundraisers specifically for races. Here's a look at 3 things you can do:

Button Customization

The Join The Campaign button text can be edited to say Register to make it clear that this button is where they click to register for the race.

Page Content

For your page content, you'll want to include a few things in your About section and Sidebar to make your information clear.

A: In the About section, you'll want to include an appeal that touches donors hearts and inspires them to get involved- don't just put information about the race! Include a story about your organization's impact and invite your supporters to be a part of it by giving or even better- race!

B: The Sidebar is the perfect section for race logistics. Include instructions on how they can register by clicking the Register button, and any info about the race you'd like to provide.

Fundraiser Section Heading

Finally, in the Participants section heading, you'll want to personalize this for your race. Try out different headings like such as Runners with a subheading that fits your specific race.

For more information on how you can design your site, view our article How To Design Or Edit The Look Of Your Campaign Site.

With all this, your site will be set up to help runners easily register for your racing event and help drive donor and fundraiser engagement.

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