How To View Campaign Activity (Legacy)
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Your CauseVox Activity Feed gives you automatic campaign updates in real time.

Your Activity Feed is filterable by activity type and date range tracking the following data:

  • Contacts

  • Donations/Pledges

  • Peer-to-Peer

  • Ticketing

  • Notes

Your activity resources will display every type of activity such as making donations, joining teams, re-sending donation receipts and more!

To view your Activity Feed follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to your Manage tab and select Activity.

Step 2: View activity across all campaigns, or use the dropdown at the top to look at activity on a specific campaign.

Step 3: Next, choose which activity feed(s) you'd like to view. Check off one or any combination of data types on the right filter, and select a date range.

Use the popovers to view quick information and provide context to your resources.

Additional Notes

To view overall campaign funding progress, check out the Reports tab.

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